Legend of Angel Fire


First came the Moache Ute Indians, who settled in the quiet Moreno Valley in the 1700's. They stood in awe of the Orange glow atop Agua Fria Peak, and took it as a blessing on their rituals....an omen from The Great Spirit.

Then, a great fire threatened to destroy the forest. The Ute Indians prayed for rain to save it....and the rain came just in time! Thereafter, the Utes called this intervention "Angel Fire."

Along came the Franciscan Friars. The Good Brothers called this mysterious mountain "The Place of the Fire of Angels." The Friars thus added to the legends of the Indian. Then in the 1860's the famed Indian Scout Kit Carson called the glow of morning sunlight on the trees sparkling with dew "Angel Fire." Early Maxwell land grant maps identified this mountain as "Angel Fire Peak."

The frontiersman came in search of gold! By 1870 more than 7,000 residents had chased that legend by moving into the valley, removing a reported $1 million per day from gold, copper, and silver mines in the valley. Desperados and priests, gamblers and visionaries; all have staked their claim here in the Moreno Valley....of which Angel Fire is the legendary crown jewel.

Where are we located

We are located at the corner of Hwy 64 and Hwy 434/ 3655 Mountain View Blvd  Angel Fire New Mexico

Our Office is located next to the ReMax office at the blinking light.

Public Transportation

There is shuttle service provided by the Angel Fire Resort which goes around the condo area in continous rounds and also from the parking lots to the lifts during the ski season only.  

There is no public transportation in the Village of Angel Fire.

Lifts / Tickets

Value Season:
December 11-18, 2015 | January 3-14, 2016 | January 18-February 4, 2016

Regular Season:
January 15-17, 2016 | February 5-11, 2016 | February 16-March 4, 2016

Peak Season:
December 19, 2015-January 2, 2016 | February 12-15, 2016 | March 5-20, 2016

Window Rates (walk up) Value Season Regular Season Peak Season
Adult 1 Day $62 $68 $71
Adult 1/2 Day $48 $54 $56
Teen 1 Day $52 $58 $61
Teen 1/2 Day $44 $49 $52
Junior 1 Day $42 $48 $51
Junior 1/2 Day $36 $40 $44

Call 844-218-4107 for more information